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Time-Dependent Path Scheduling

Algorithmic Minimization of Walking Time at the Moving Assembly Line

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1st ed. 2020. 2019

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Springer Vieweg. ISBN 978-3-658-28414-5

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Moving assembly lines are the stepping stone for mass production of automobiles. Here, every second counts, which necessitates planners to meticulously optimize them. A crucial factor is each worker’s nonproductive walking time between the moving workpiece and line-side material containers for picking up required material. Minimizing the walking time is difficult because the workpiece moves steadily. Helmut A. Sedding devises algorithms to optimize the sequence of work operations, and the placement of material containers. Thereby, he introduces a novel category of time-dependent scheduling problems, and lays the basis for the algorithmic optimization of time-dependent paths at the moving assembly line. Contents - Optimization Models for Minimizing Worker Walking Time Along Moving Assembly Lines - Complexity Analyses, Combinatorial Properties, and Optimization Algorithms - Numerical Experiments and Statistical Analyses Target Groups - Scientists in computer science, mathematics, operations research, operations management, and industrial engineering - Practitioners in the field of automobile production planning About the Author Helmut A. Sedding passed his doctoral thesis with distinction at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science at Ulm University, Germany. He researches on modeling, complexity analysis, and algorithm design for the solution of various optimization problems. His practical experience includes the development of automotive production planning software in use at major car manufacturers.

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