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Freedom, Recognition and Non-Domination

A Republican Theory of (Global) Justice

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Buch. Softcover


XXI, 201 S. Bibliographien.

In englischer Sprache

Springer. ISBN 9789400795297

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Studies in Global Justice; 12


This book offers an original account of a distinctly republican theory of social and global justice. The book starts by exploring the nature and value of Hegelian recognition theory.  It shows the importance of that theory for grounding a normative account of free and autonomous agency.  It is this normative account of free agency which provides the groundwork for a republican conception of social and global justice, based on the core-ideas of freedom as non-domination and autonomy as non-alienation. As the author argues, republicans should endorse a sufficientarian account of social justice, which focuses on the nature of social relationships and their effects on people's ability to act freely and realize their fundamental interests. On the global level, the book argues for the cosmopolitan extension of the republican principles of non-domination and non-alienation within a multi-level democratic system. In so doing, the book addresses a major gap in the existing literature, presenting an original theory of justice, which combines Hegelian recognition theory and republican ideas of freedom, and applying this hybrid theory to the global domain.  Fabian Schuppert creates a grand synthesis uniting neo-republican insights on freedom with Hegelian recognition theory.  The result is an account of agency that arises from the idea of non-domination whose aim it is to safeguard individual freedom.  When combined with Hegelian recognition theory a social focus also emerges.  This amalgam comments on many of the major disputes concerning global justice from a cosmopolitan perspective.  Because of the broad scope and the many contemporary discussions engaged this book will be of keen interest to scholars as well as a welcome addition to the classroom. Michael Boylan, Professor and Chair, Philosophy,  Marymount University, USA In this highly readable and imaginative book, Schuppert shows how a republican political theory can address the problems of recognition, identity, and non-domination. Moreover, Schuppert demonstrates that Hegel's political philosophy has continuing vitality for the 21st century as he applies it to contemporary policy debates on basic needs, human rights, and cosmopolitanism. Robert Paul Churchill, Professor of Philosophy, George Washington University, USA

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