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Schopper / Sukhoruchkin / Soroko

Excited Nuclear States

Supplement to I/25 A-G

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1st ed. 2016. 2016

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Springer. ISBN 978-3-662-48745-7

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The present volume I/25H is providing new data (excitation energies, spin-parities, half-lifes, branching ratios, cross-sections, spectroscopic factors, etc.) for nuclei with atomic numbers Z ranging from 54 (Xe) to 105 (Db) published in 2013-2014, thus updating previous compilations provided in the Landolt-Börnstein volumes I/25A-F.

The data presented are collected from all kinds of nuclear reactions, including data for nuclei far from the stability line. Since the time of collection of data for the volumes I/25A-F many new data appeared from new measurements and evaluations.

The properties of excited nuclear states are of importance for scientific and practical applications. No systematic compilation of such data has been performed so far. The present compilation has been prepared by two eminent experts in the field. One of the characteristics of Landolt-Börnstein is that data are evaluated before they are accepted for compilation. The idea is to present ‘best values’ which can be used with confidence by non-experts.

In view of the large amount of data available
some of the information is given only on the online platform SpringerMaterials.

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