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Schmid / Burt / Smith

Chicken Genes and Chromosomes 2015

Third Report 2015. Special Topic Issue: Cytogenetic and Genome Research 2015, Vol. 145, No. 2

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2015. Buch. 106 S. Softcover

S. Karger. ISBN 978-3-318-05568-9

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The chicken has long been a model organism for genetic and developmental studies. It is now beginning to take its place as a model genome, opening up the fields of phylogenetics and comparative genomics like never before. This report comes at a time of huge technological advances (particularly in sequencing methodologies) and summarizes the current efforts to complete the gaps in the genome. It describes the progress that has been made in genomic annotation, particularly with respect to noncoding RNAs and genetic variants. Reviews of comparative genomics, avian evolution and sex determination are included as well as transcriptomic case studies and developments in epigenetic studies. The Third Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes also features the National Avian Research Facility and how it has developed into a resource for the study of avian biology, genetics, infection and disease. In this volume researchers interested in genetics, genomics and evolution will find detailed information that has not been available until now.


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