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Schlabbach / Rofalski

Power System Engineering

Planning, Design, and Operation of Power Systems and Equipment

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Buch. Hardcover

2. überarb. u. erw. Auflage. 2014

400 S.

In englischer Sprache

Wiley-VCH. ISBN 978-3-527-41260-0

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This book, and in particular the new contents of this second edition, provides a systematic presentation of the main concepts referring to the electrical systems planning and operation, with the particularly interesting inclusion of many practical data, frequent reference to the IEC standards, and a detached view on the main approaches used in practice. The selection of the material makes it possible for the operator to retrieve in the book both concepts and indications on the applications, without needing to take a look at many manufacturer?s data or huge handbooks.
The authors focus on the findings that have already reached the level of practical applications and have been incorporated in the evolving legislation and international (ICE) standards. This leads to an essentially practical book containing key references for the current applications, with up-to-date information.
Describing in detail how electrical power systems are planned and designed, this monograph illustrates the required structures of systems, substations and equipment using international standards and latest computer methods. The authors discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the different arrangements within switchyards and of the topologies of the power systems, describing methods to determine the main design parameters of cables, overhead lines, and transformers needed to realize the supply task, as well as the influence of environmental conditions on the design and the permissible loading of the equipment. Additionally, general requirements for protection schemes and the main schemes related to the various protection tasks are given.
The new edition lays a special emphasis on renewable energy sources. A completely new chapter is devoted to the power connection of distributed generation by e.g. solar plants or wind turbines, and reflects the current state of the art. All the electrical system operators may benefit of a systematic illustration of the new concepts concerning the grid connection of local generation sources, most of which come from renewable energy sources.
Next to professional operators and engineers willing to enhance their knowledge in the electrical systems field, also electricity distributors, energy service companies and ICT companies active in the smart grids area might be interested in using this book as a reference. Master students at university will benefit of this literature in order to get a background in the electrical systems field.

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