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Scheaffer / Watkins / Witmer

activity-based statistics

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2nd ed. 2004. Buch. XIX, 388 S

Key College Publishing. ISBN 978-1-930190-73-3

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The second edition of Activity-Based Statistics, revised by Tim Erickson, remains true to the vision of the original, highly respected author team: A set of basic, hands-on, exploratory activities that can be completed without the use of technology. Because these activities are designed to be conducted with materials that are easily obtainable (coins, dice, pasta, paper, marbles, and so on), their implementation is made easy for any instructor without regard to budget concerns or technology proficiency. By making the activities fun and engaging the authors are promoting the idea that statistics is, indeed, an experimental science.
With over 40 activities from which to choose, instructors should easily find many that are appropriate for both the college introductory course curricula and AP Statistics. Using Activity-Based Statistics in addition to any standard introductory statistics text helps students experience statistics in context and discover its everyday relevance. Activities can be introduced once students have become familiar with standard statistics topics. The directions for each activity are simple and easy to understand, and most can be completed in one 50-minute class period.
The Instructor Resources includes a CD-ROM which includes: data sets for the book’s activities rendered in: Fathom, Excel, and Minitab. The CD also includes a limited use version of Fathom Dynamic Statistics™ software from Key Curriculum Press to allow instructors to present or demonstrate data from the text within the Fathom environment.


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