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Adaptive Filters

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2008. Buch. 824 S. Hardcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-25388-5

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Adaptive Filters

Adaptive filtering is a topic of immense practical and theoretical value, having applications in areas ranging from digital and wireless communications to biomedical systems. Now, preserving the style and main features of the earlier award-winning publication, Fundamentals of Adaptive Filtering (2005 Terman Award), the author offers readers and instructors a concentrated, systematic, and up-to-date treatment of the subject in this valuable new book.

Adaptive Filters allows readers to gain a gradual and solid introduction to the subject, its applications to a variety of topical problems, existing limitations, and extensions of current theories. The book consists of eleven parts-each part containing a series of focused lectures and ending with bibliographic comments, problems, and computer projects with MATLAB(r) solutions available to all readers. Additional features include:

Numerous tables, figures, and projects

Special focus on geometric constructions, physical intuition, linear-algebraic concepts, and vector notation

Background material on random variables, linear algebra, and complex gradients collected in three introductory chapters

Complete solutions manual available for instructors

MATLAB(r) solutions available for all computer projects

Adaptive Filters offers a fresh, focused look at the subject in a manner that will entice students, challenge experts, and appeal to practitioners and instructors.


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