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A Medieval Handbook of Indian Music. Edited with Introduction and Translation

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1992. Buch. 622 S. Hardcover

Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN 9789004094987

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The Saṅgītaśiromaṇi, "Crest-jewel of Music", is a major Sanskrit work on Indian musicology, composed in 1428 A.D. by scholars from all parts of India who participated in a musicological congress organized by Sultan Malika Sāhi at Kaḍa (near Allahabad). Designed as a standard text-book on music the work summarizes and explains the opinions of older and contemporary authors. It deals with all the aspects of traditional Indian musicology, such as tone-system, scale, melody, rhythm, composition, variation and vocal technique. The complete English translation and the extensive introduction will familiarize the reader with the characteristic Indian concepts of music and the problems of their interpretation. For full information on the author's current projects in the field of Indian music, see


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