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Civil Society and Social Development

Proceedings of the 6th Biennial European IUCISD Conference in Krakow 1999

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Peter Lang Bern. ISBN 978-3-906767-21-5

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Developed Western societies have been confronted with the impact of globalisation on the labour-market and the crisis of the welfare state. They have to deal with the growth of radical right-wing movements, the rise of xenophobia and a relatively high rate of unemployment and poverty.
The post-communist societies, on the other hand, are still fighting against the difficulties of stabilising democracy and a market-oriented system. Problems like corruption in politics and administration, organised crime, a decline in the quality of life of the majority of the population, unemployment and poverty are crucial issues.
The plight of third-world countries has long been a subject of concern, but globalisation and Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) have not contributed significantly to their social development.
Despite the differences between developed countries, post-communist countries and developing countries with regard to their societal, political and economic situation, civil society, local government and community development are the key concepts everywhere for seeking new ways of organising social life. This volume assembles contributions on the subject from experts all over the world.

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