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Saglamer / Erkök

Doctoral Education in Architecture

Challenges and Opportunities

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-7114-3


The importance of innovation and technology today brings with it a need for change in the definition of doctoral education, in the training of researchers, doctoral research itself, and in the dissemination areas targeted by doctoral theses. In Europe, doctoral education is the focus of wide-ranging reform in order to achieve coherence in higher education.

Doctoral Education in Architecture: Challenges and Opportunities deals with a topic on which there is currently little literature available. While there are a considerable number of publications on doctoral education in general and in country-specific contexts, field-specific publications are rare.

This book contains data obtained from a pilot study set up by the editors on “The Nature and Structure of Doctoral Studies in Architecture”, as well as excerpts from a workshop based on this study, held at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. It includes excerpts from the discussion sessions and contributions on contexts, conditions, and problems in architectural schools in several European countries

This volume provides an overview and insight for future challenges for doctoral education in the field of architecture

Contributors include: Gülsün Saglamer; Fatma Erkök; Gary Moore; Kemal Gürüz; Hans Beunderman; Murray Fraser; Stefan Simion; Katalin Marótzy; Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis; Georgios Papakostas; Constantin Spyridonidis; Olivier Masson; Jean Stillemans; Pelin Dursun; and Philip Ursprung.

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