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Sustainable Aviation Technology and Operations

Research and Innovation Perspectives

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JOHN WILEY & SONS INC. ISBN 978-1-118-93258-2

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Aerospace Series


Sustainable Aviation Engineering and Operations Roberto Sabatini, RMIT University, Australia Comprehensively covers recent technological and operational developments to enhance the environmental sustainability of aviation Sustainable Aviation Engineering and Operations provides an updated outlook of the main research and development initiatives currently ongoing in the aeronautics and air transport domain, with emphasis on the overall environmental objectives and current achievements. The book discusses some of the most promising advances in sustainable aircraft, airport and air traffic management systems design and operations including: aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, materials, biofuels, avionics, airframe systems, autonomous systems, airside and landside, air traffic flow management and dynamic airspace management. Representative air transport business models are also covered, starting from operational cost breakdown analysis and including key drivers associated with commercial flight. The physical processes associated with production and environmental impacts of various aircraft emissions, including air pollutants, noise and contrails, are presented to support the development of computational models for aircraft design, mission planning and trajectory optimisation. A set of relevant case studies concludes and complements the book, addressing aircraft design, systems design and mission optimisation for a more efficient and environmentally sustainable air transport. Key features: * Addresses recent advances in aviation sustainability including multidisciplinary design approaches and multi-objective operational optimisation methods. * Contains important research and industrially relevant contributions from world-class experts. * Includes a number of application case studies, addressing aircraft design, airport greening and air traffic management evolutions. The book is essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners in sustainable aviation engineering and operations.

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