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Does the early bird always catch the worm? Society largely praises early risers while maligning so-called "night owls." However, countless research studies have shown that night owls are more successful and wealthier than early risers. The Morning Myth proves that indeed, night owls are generally more successful in life than early risers. It restores night owls' self-confidence, and encourages them to achieve more on their natural schedules. In The Morning Myth, Frank J. Rumbauskas provides practical tips to help night owls thrive: * Informs employers about how much productivity they're losing by forcing night owls to be at work bright and early * Offers advice on how to schedule both early risers and night owls for maximum productivity * Shows night owls how to achieve maximum happiness at work * Coaches managers on getting the most out of their night owl employees Whether you're a night owl yourself, or employ those who find their work "mojo" later in the day, The Morning Myth breaks down stereotypes and shows you how to increase productivity around the clock.

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