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Adult Learning and Education

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Elsevier Science & Technology. ISBN 978-0-08-101499-8

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As individuals and societies try to respond to fundamental economic and social transformation, the field of adult learning and education is rapidly getting increased attention and new topics for research on adult learning have emerged. This collection of articles from the International Encyclopedia of Education 3e offers practitioners and researchers in the area of adult learning and education a comprehensive summary of main developments in the field. The 45 articles provide insight into the historical development of the field, its conceptual controversies, domains and provision, perspectives on adult learning, instruction and program planning, outcomes, relationship to economy and society and its status as a field of scholarly study and practice.

- Saves researchers time in summarizing in one place what is otherwise an interdisciplinary field in cognitive psychology, personality, sociology, and education
- Level of presentation focuses on critical research, leaving out the extraneous and focusing on need-to-know information
- Contains contributions from top international researchers in the field
- Makes MRW content affordable to individual researchers

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