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Roy / Voigt

Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge

Vol. 1, No. 2/2021: Spatial Dimensions of Moving Experience

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'Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge' is an academic journal in, on and from the discipline of architecture, addressing the creation, constitution and transmission of architectural knowledge. It explores methods genuine to the discipline and architectural modes of interdisciplinary methodological adaptions. Processes, procedures and results of knowledge creation and practice are esteemed coequally, with particular attentiveness to the architectural design and epistemologies of aesthetic practice and research.

Dimensions Issue 02/2021, edited by Katharina Voigt and Virginie Roy,
investigates lived experience as source for the constitution of knowledge.
This edition is concerned with the movements of exploration and the inner sensations of being moved by experience. Addressing situational experience allows bringing implicit dimensions of perception to attention, enabling a tangible understanding to emerge - for the actual encounter, as well as connected to memory and imagination. Practitioners and scholars from various disciplines open the realm for theoretical, applied and practice-related forms of research, whilst all contributions are aligned to enrich the discourse of architecture and its versatile dimensions.

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