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Roy / Kundu

Chemical Biology of the Genome

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William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-817644-3

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Chemical Biology of the Genome provides a comprehensive overview of essential concepts and principles of genomic and epigenomics dynamics as explored through the lens of chemical biology. Key examples and case studies illustrate chemical biology methods for study and analysis of the genome and epigenome, with an emphasis on relevance to physiological and pathophysiological processes and drug discovery. Authors and international leaders in biochemical studies of the genome, Drs. Siddhartha Roy and Tapas Kundu, adopt an integrated, interdisciplinary approach throughout, demonstrating how fast evolving chemical and mass-scale sequencing tools are increasingly used to interpret biochemical processes of the genome.

Later sections discuss chemical modifications of the genome, DNA sequence recognition by proteins and gene regulation, GWAS and EpiGWAS studies, 3D architecture of the genome, and functional genome architecture. In-depth, discovery focused chapters examine intervention in gene networks using SiRNA/ShRNA, miRNA, and anti-miR, small molecule modulation of iPS, drug resistance pathways altered DNA methylation as drug targets, anti-miR as therapeutics, and nanodelivery of drugs.

- Offers an interdisciplinary discussion of the chemical biology of the genome and epigenome, employing illustrative case studies in both physiological and pathophysiological contexts
- Supports researchers in employing chemical and mass-scale sequencing approaches to interpret genomic and epigenomic dynamics
- Highlights innovative pathways and molecular targets for new disease study and drug discovery

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