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An answer to Hattie`s meta-analysis lacking knowledge

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Shaker Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8440-2250-6

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Berichte aus der Pädagogik


This book concerns everybody educating: parents as well as teaching persons from kindergarten to university, and all those working and learning in institutions of economics, medicine, society as well as in church. It is written "with and against" J.A.C. Hattie's results of the biggest meta-analysis of teaching strategies which mostly ignore the scientific level of unconscious nonverbal or body strategies. By far, these are strong barriers rather than help for the intellectual strategies or the content knowledge. The current approach to teaching results in strongly negative consequences such as - blocking rational education exponentially to an inestimable degree - establishing a two to three class society in the learning group - being a risk to persons' health as was shown by the results of four representative studies in three very different subjects in Strasbourg and Vienna. "HOLISTIC - nonverbal and verbal - TEACHING" initiates the way to the natural, therefore efficient, equal and healthy direction of education. It removes the anachronistic, verbally mostly one-sided professionalisation of teaching methods with their highly destructive effects on persons' nature, abilities and efforts. The latest interdisciplinary insights prove that a restructuring of "teacher training" and education is essential. This then has to benefit persons rather than putting their well-being at risk by working counterproductively and risking their health in the long run rather than improving it. This new way of education is presented epistemologically and empirically with some practical hints to the first steps anyone can take to change the current inhuman teaching system. Change always starts with the individual person - and to ignite this change is the aim of this book.

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