Rossbach / Glaser

The Artificial Human

A Tragical History
2011. Buch. 258 S. Softcover
Peter Lang Frankfurt ISBN 978-3-631-57808-7
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Artificial humans were always there, moving and sleeping amongst us. Their first traces are in the ancient myths of Prometheus and Pygmalion. In the eighteenth century they took the form of mechanical dolls, forerunners of the hi-tech Japanese robots of our own day produced in the engineering labs of Waseda and Osaka Universities. The authors follow the track of these humanoid constructs through various countries and across more than two thousand years of history, reflecting on the ideas that spawned them (Descartes, Leibniz, LaMettrie) and the social, technological and medical developments that accompanied and to a great extent explain them.
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Von: link iconSabine Rossbach, Sabine Rossbach teaches cultural history at the University of Adelaide (Australia) and the University of the Saarland (Germany). In 2005, she has published Modern Mannerism: Literature, Film, Fine Arts., und link iconHorst Albert Glaser, Horst Albert Glaser is professor emeritus of Aesthetics and Comparative Literature at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). He has published Medea: Women of Honor, Child Murder, Emancipation in 2001.