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High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2007

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In2004theHighPerformanceComputingCenteroftheUniversityofStuttgart and NECestablishedthe TERAFLOPWorkbenchcollaboration. The TERA- FLOP Workbench is a research & Service Project for which the following targets have been de?ned: • Make new science and engineering possible that requires TFLOP/s s- tained application performance • Support the HLRS user community to achieve capability science by - proving existing codes • Integrate di?erent system architectures for simulation, pre- and po- processing, visualisation into a computational engineering workbench • Assess and demonstrate system capabilities for industry relevant appli- tions In the TERAFLOP Workbench signi?canthardwareand human resources have been made available by both partners. The hardware provided within the TERAFLOP project consists of 8 nodes NEC SX-8 Vector Computers and a cluster of 200 Intel Xeon nodes. The complete NEC installation at HLRS comprises 72 nodes SX-8, two TX-7 (i. e. 32-way Itanium based SMP systems) which are also used as front end for the SX nodes and the previously described Xeon cluster. Six computer experts, who are dedicated to advanced application support and user services, are funded over the complete project runtime. The support is carried out on the basis of small project groups working on speci?c - plications. These groups usually consist of application experts, in most cases members of the development team, and TERAFLOP workbench repres- tatives. This setup to combines detailed application know-how and physical background with computer science and engineering knowledge and sound - merical mathematics expertise. The combination of these capabilities forms the basis for leading edge research and computational science.


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