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On the feasibility of TBM drives in squeezing ground and the risk of shiel jamming

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tunneling, TBM, rock pressure

Squeezing ground represents a challenging operating environment as it may slow down or obstruct TBM operation. Due to the geometrical constraints of the equipment, relatively small convergences of 10–20 cm may lead to considerable difficulties in the machine area (sticking of the cutter head, jamming of the shield) or in the back-up area (e.g., jamming of the back-up equipment, inadmissible convergences of the bored profile, damage to the tunnel support). Depending on the number and the length of the critical stretches, squeezing conditions may even call into question the feasibility of a TBM drive. On account of this, and bearing in mind the steady increase in the number of tunnels excavated with TBMs through so-called "difficult ground conditions", the topic investigated in this PhD thesis is of great practical relevance.

Based upon case histories reported in the literature, Part I sets out firstly to give an overview of the specific problems of TBM tunnelling under squeezing conditions. Part II presents a computational model which simulates accurately and efficiently the advancing TBM and the installed tunnel support in one single computational step applying the so-called "steady state method". Part III advances a number of theory-based decision aids, which will support rapid, initial assessments to be made of thrust force requirements. Part IV investigates the complex problem of the interaction between the advancing TBM, the consolidating ground and the lining. Emphasis is thereby placed on the effect of the gross advance rate and the effect of ground permeability on shield loading during regular TBM operation (the boring process including short standstills) and during a long standstill.

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