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Ramôa Ribeiro

Zeolites: Science and Technology

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1984. Buch. 712 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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Zeolites have been the focus of intensive activity and growth in applications over the past 25 years in ion exchange, in adsorp­ tion and in catalytic process technology. Beginning with the syn­ thetic zeolites A,X and Y, continuing into the emerging ZSM series, and including selected natural zeolites, applications span the range from large-scale purification and separation to such major petroleum and petrochemical processes as catalytic cracking and aromatics alkylation. The future promises several new areas of signiciant use as our energy resource base is expanded. As a result, a NATO Advanced Study Institute on Zeolites was held in Alcabideche, Portugal, May 1-12, 1983. Its purpose was to summarize the state-of-the-art in zeolite science and technology, with particular emphasis on recent developments. This summary is intended to complement presentations of the latest research results at the 1983 International Zeolites Association meeting in.Reno, Nevada - USA. Both the fundamentals concepts and industrial applications are addressed in the lectures of the Institute. Individual chapters cover historical development, structure, crystallography and synthesis techniques. Basic principles of adsorption, diffusion, ion exchange and acidity are reviewed. A section on catalysis addresses shape selectivity, transition metals, bifunctional catalysis and "methanol­ to-gasoline". Included in the section on industrial applications are chapters on reactor and adsorber design, catalytic cracking, xylene and n­ -paraffins isomerization, as well as ion exchange and adsorption.


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