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Public Enterprise and Income Distribution

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How amenable is public enterprise to the implementation of national distributional policies? This is the question explored here by Professor Ramanadham. Originally published in 1988, he examines the various channels through which distributional effects take place through their operations, and draws attention to the implicit conflicts of interest among consumers, workers, and tax payers. He focuses on the problems associated with the use of public enterprises as instruments of distributional goals and examines the question of whether direct budgetary measures on the part of government would be preferable. There are detailed analyses of the distributional implications of wage incomes, prices, and surpluses in the public enterprise sector. Finally, the author comments from the distributional angle on the results of privatization.
Here is a detailed study of the way in which public enterprise may be employed as an instrument of redistribution of income and wealth, also of the extent to which this is feasible.

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