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Anaerobic Hydrocarbon Degradation

Special Topic Issue: Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology 2016, Vol. 26, No. 1-3

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S. Karger. ISBN 978-3-318-05803-1

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Anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons by microorganisms was discovered only recently, but it has already proven to be a treasure chest for fundamental and environmental science as well as the chemical and oil & gas industries. Selected highlights of current research are provided in theme-focused reviews in this special topic issue. The multidisciplinary character of the subject is exemplified through contributions on alkyl-/arylalkylsuccinate synthases, substrate-specific phylogenetic clustering of enzymes, and stereochemical and co-metabolic insights into n-alkane-activating (methylalkyl) succinate synthases. The discovery of bacterial groups, previously unknown to possess alkyl-/arylalkylsuccinate synthases, is discussed. Additional topics include Mo-cofactor-dependent dehydrogenases; degradation of para-alkylated benzoates and toluenes; glycyl radical-bearing 4-hydroxyphenylacetate decarboxylase; novel carboxylation reactions; W-cofactor-containing enzymes; fermentative formation of cyclohexane carboxylate from benzoate; and methanogenic degradation of hydrocarbons. Providing an in-depth compendium of current knowledge, this publication is a valuable resource for researchers in general microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, synthetic biology/chemistry, microbial ecology, environmental science, and organic geochemistry.

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