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Transactions on Computational Systems Biology VIII

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Thisissueofthejournalreportsregularpapers. The?rstcontributionisbyFalko Dressler and discusses self-organizing mechanisms in computer networks. The second contribution is by Preetam Ghosh, Samik Ghosh, Kalyan Basu and - jal K. Das and deals with a stochastic event based simulation technique to es- mate protein-liganddocking time. The third contribution is by Morteza Analoui and Shahram Jamali, and it deals with the interpretation of the Internet as a biologicalenvironment to study congestionphenomena. The fourth contribution is by Corrado Priami and it discusses how computational thinking in biology can be implemented through the use of process calculi. The last contribution is by Peter Sa?rey, Ofer Margoninski, James Hetherington, Marta Varela-Rey, Sachie Yamaji, Anthony Finkelstein, David Bogle and Anne Warner and it deals with managementinformationsystems in biology. Finally we publish a corrected version of a paper by Ruet and Remy published in the previous volume of the journal. July 2007 Corrado Priami LNCSTransactionson Computational Systems Biology – Editorial Board Corrado Priami, Editor-in-chief University of Trento, Italy Charles Au?ray Genexpress, CNRS and Pierre and Marie Curie University, France Matthew Bellgard Murdoch University, Australia Soren Brunak Technical University of Denmark, Denmark Luca Cardelli Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK Zhu Chen Shanghai Institute of Hematology, China Vincent Danos CNRS, University of Paris VII, France Eytan Domany Center for Systems Biology, Weizmann Institute, Israel Walter Fontana Santa Fe Institute, USA Takashi Gojobori National Institute of Genetics, Japan Martijn A.

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