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Transitional Justice in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia (2011–2013)

How the Past Shapes the Future

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1st ed. 2016. 2016

xiv, 190 S.

Springer VS. ISBN 978-3-658-12011-5

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Domenica Preysing offers a critical reading of “transitional justice” that focuses on political dynamics in post-revolutionary Tunisia, from the ouster of president Ben Ali in January 2011 until the adoption of transitional justice bill in December 2013. She explores the role, structure and characteristics of evolving transitional justice policy discourse to provide a better understanding of how, by who, and to what effect the policy label “transitional justice” is progressively filled with meaning. She shows that conflicting interpretations of both the past and the present have been both deeply embedded in and an expression of the dynamic context of domestic political transformation, as old and new elites struggle over the political identity and direction of post-Ben Ali Tunisia. Contents - Transitional Justice Discourse in Transition - Post-structuralist Political Discourse Theory - From Discourse Theory to Discourse Analysis - A Brief Chronology of Political Transition in Tunisia - “Transitional Justice” in Political Transition - Lustration: The Discursive Struggle over Political Exclusion - Reparations: The Discursive Struggle for Recognition Target Groups - Researchers and students in political science and Middle East Studies - Practitioners in the field of foreign policy and development cooperation The Author Domenica Preysing has spent several years working in development policy, research and consulting with a special focus on the Middle East.


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