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Forest Dynamics, Growth and Yield

From Measurement to Model

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xix, 664 S. 46 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien

In englischer Sprache

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-14861-3

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The aim of this book is to improve the understanding of forest dynamics and the sustainable management of forest ecosystems. How do tree crowns, trees or entire forest stands respond to thinning in the long term? What effect do tree species mixtures and multi-layering have on the productivity and stability of trees, stands or forest enterprises? How do tree and stand growth respond to stress factors such as climate change or air pollution? Furthermore, in the event that one has acquired knowledge about the effects of thinning, mixture and stress, how can one make that knowledge applicable to decision-making in forestry practice? The experimental designs, analytical methods, general relationships and models for answering questions of this kind are the focus of this book. Given the structures dealt with, which range from plant organs to the tree, stand and enterprise levels, and the processes analysed in a time frame of days or months to decades or even centuries, this book is directed at all readers interested in trees, forest stands and forest ecosystems. This work has been compiled for students, scientists, lecturers, forest planners, forest managers, and consultants.



This book is the long expected summary of today’s knowledge of forest growth and yield science. Comprising methods of growth and yield studies, growth and yield theories including their most recent developments, and examples, based on a plenty of long term experiments, this is not only an important textbook for students but as well a must for everybody dealing with or at least interested in forest growth and yield science.

Hubert Sterba, BOKU University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria


"Forest Dynamics, Growth and Yield" is an excellent treatise focusing on the complex and variable forest ecosystems in central Europe. Following on the success of his earlier works in the German language, Hans Pretzsch once again provides a highly readable and informative English textbook forstudents, scientists and practitioners alike. An impressive contribution to the international literature on domesticated ecosystems.

Klaus von Gadow,  Faculty of Forestry and Forest Ecology, University of Göttingen



Forest Dynamics, Growth and Yield is one of the most significant texts on forest modelling and forest production research of our time. It is based on the rich source of experience from science and forestry practice in Central Europe and provides an excellent and comprehensive overview of forest production principles and contemporary modelling approaches. The book is an essential reference for students as well as research scientists.


Jens Peter Skovsgaard, Professor of Silviculture and IUFRO Board Member, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



A tour de force of forest growth and yield by one of the world’s leading growth and yield experts from the country that developed this branch of forest science. The history, production ecology, field study methodology and modelling of this fundamental aspect of forest management are presented in a densely illustrated and easy to read treatise. Empirically-based traditional approaches are linked to population ecology, but considered at the ecosystem level, recognizing the key roles of biological legacies, disturbance and the physical environmental determinants of tree growth and stand development. The linkage of traditional long term field trials and ecosystem-level modelling reflects the current trend in growth and yield science. This is a must read for silviculturists, environmentalists and all others interested in sustainable management of forests for multiple values.

J. P. (Hamish) Kimmins, Professor Emeritus of Forest Ecology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver


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