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Manual of Internal Fixation in the Cranio-Facial Skeleton

Techniques Recommended by the AO/ASIF Maxillofacial Group

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2014. Buch. xiv, 227 S. 3 s/w-Abbildungen, 272 Farbabbildungen, 1 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-63732-2

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Clinical research continues to con?rm that no truth is total care of the severely traumatized patient in the ?rst more transitory than that in the sphere of scienti?c hours following the accident. knowledge. Developments in the ?eld of traumatology at The further development of the AO/ASIF concept led the end of this century provide a striking example of to today’s comprehensive craniofacial surgery in the this. As early as 1890 Lambotte carried out osteosynthe- ?elds of traumatology,orthognatics,tumor,and rec- ses with plates and screws. These remained a mere epi- structive surgery. sode, however, until Danis renewed the idea of internal AO/ASIF courses contributed fundamentally to the ?xation 50 years later. Danis combined internal ?xation development of these ?elds. In the course of its wor- with the new technique of interfragmentary compres- wide response,the AO/ASIF philosophy has been able to sion,which led to primary bone healing that allowed full attract distinguished authors to join the faculty of function at the same time. Reacting to disconcerting sta- AO/ASIF courses. By sharing their clinical,experim- tistics about the results of conservative fracture treat- tal,and theoretical experience,they take part in shaping ment,Mueller then applied interfragmentary compres- a special internal ?xation technique in the craniofacial sion to 80 patients in Switzerland and con?rmed its use- skeleton. The philosophical aspect of AO/ASIF courses fulness. in theory and practice assures high standards of quality.


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