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Understanding the Extraordinary Value of the Elliott Wave Model

Lessons in Real-Time Application

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2010. DVD , DVD with Booklet

Wiley. ISBN 978-1-59280-451-1

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Elliott Wave theory has been used to call turns in some of the most elusive markets in the past 70 years with amazing accuracy. In this brand-new DVD, Robert Prechter, President of Elliott Wave International, explains why you should be using the Elliott Wave model in your own trading.

Histories of real-time applications of the Elliott wave model reveal the incredible ability of the Wave Principle in forecasting major market events, from predicting the 1987 high to the tech bubble at the turn of the century, from one of the largest oil and commodity tops of all time, to one of the biggest collapses. This rare look back at the history of wave principle and how well it has performed over time demonstrates the utility of this model.

Using the information gleaned from decades of analysis, you will have the background to recognize:

* Waves of optimism and pessimism
* Support of wave analysis from other
technical indicators
* Why wave form is important
* Strong trade setups at small, intermediate, and big-time levels, so no matter what kind of trader you are, you can put the power of Elliott Wave to work for you.

Unlike other trading gurus and their systems, Prechter also reveals where wave analysis can be wrong. As a trader, you know it is impossible to always know exactly where the market is going, but in Elliott Wave analysis, the form is always the same. The long track record of published opinions based on wave principal model presented here will confirm that Elliott Wave is one of the strongest forecasting tools available to technical traders today.


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