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Property and Environment

Old and new remedies to protect natural resources in the European Context. Co-publication with Carolina Academic Press Durham, USA, Ant. N. Sakkoulas, Athens and Bruylant SA Bruxelles

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2007. Taschenbuch. XXXVI, 372 S. Softcover

Stämpfli Verlag, Bern. ISBN 978-3-7272-2030-2

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This research on "Property and Environment" presents an analysis of the multiple relationships and links that exist between the right of property and the right to a safe environment in the European context.The research is divided in two main parts. The first one contains three introductory chapters where the authors try to sketch out the general scenario in an historical and comparative law perspective (Property Rights in the Defence of Nature. From the Historical Evolution to the Contemporary Challenges:

A Comparative Law Analysis, by Barbara Pozzo), the actual meaning of the distinction between private property and public property (Public and Private Land Property: The Current Meaning of a Traditional Distinction, by Antonio Gambaro) and the use of property as an instrument to protect the environment (A Look into the Future of Environmental Property: Tradable Pollution Rights and Their Implementation in Europe, by Valentina Jacometti). The second one includes a Questionnaire and the Answers given by Reporters of thirteen European jurisdictions (Part II: Aims and Boundaries of the Comparative Law Enquiry).

The questions were formulated in order to map the landscape of the different possible points of contact between private property and environmental protection.


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