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Micromagnetism in the Ultrathin Limit

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In many physical systems, competing interactions lead to a frustrated state wher e the system decays into homogeneous subunits of a characteristic extent and geo metry. In ultrathin magnetic films where the energetically favored direction for the magnetization is perpendicular to the film plane, the competition of the we ak but long-ranged magnetostatic interaction and the strong but short-ranged exc hange interaction causes the magnetization to break up into magnetic domains. Th is work presents an experimental study of the system of ultrathin Fe films on Cu (001). The domain structure in these films is imaged by means of a Scanning Electron Microscope with Polarization Analysis. It is found to evolve through a seri es of transformations as the temperature is varied. These transformations are me diated by topological defects. The inspection of images taken in close successio n allows identifying the interactions of these defects. Particularly intriguing features of this system are an inverse melting process and a dynamic transition reminiscent of a glass transition just below the Curie temperature. The domain p atterns display various degrees of orientational and positional order.

Another topic covered in this work is the domain structure in laterally confined ultrathin particles with a perpendicular magnetization. There, a single- to mul ti-domain transition is observed as the lateral dimensions of the particles are varied.

Magnetically charged domain walls are a feature unique to low-dimensional system s. The magnetic charges are due to a divergence of the magnetization at domain b oundaries that would entail a large energy in three-dimensional systems. In this work, the internal structure of charged domain walls in thin iron films on W(11 0) is determined experimentally. The amount of the magnetic charge is found to h ave a strong influence on the width of domain walls. The distribution of the mag netic charge across domain walls is calculated from the wall profile.

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