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New Testament Greek Papyri and Parchments

XXIX: New Editions: Text. XXX: New Editions: Plates

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2008. Buch. XIV, 320 S. Hardcover

De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-020308-0

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The Greek papyri and parchments of the Vienna collection have been published over the last one-hundred twenty-five years – from the advent of papyrology to the present. This collection of new editions of the New Testament Greek papyri and parchments includes all of the known and identified manuscripts, as well as four important lectionary texts and an apocryphal gospel (the so-called Fayyum fragment). All of these editions are newly made from examination of the manuscripts themselves. Without detracting in any way from the work of such previous scholars as Wessely and Sanz, these editions provide new readings and reconstructions, and correct previous mistakes. Each text is discussed as an artifact in its own right, with all of its individual and particular characteristics. All of the editions are presented with introductions, diplomatic and reading texts, and comments. Included are such phenomena as ekphonetic notation used for liturgical purposes.


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