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Popkova / Bogoviz / Krivtsov

The Economic and Legal Foundations of Managing Innovative Development in Modern Economic Systems

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De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-063975-9

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This book series presents new achievements in the scientific thought of the 21st century in the spheres of management, economics, and law, aimed at enhancing the potential of the global economic system’s development in modern economic conditions and providing solutions to the complex problems it faces. The books in this series will have a wide international outlook with a focus on both macro and micro issues, placing emphasis on a wide range of global, regional and national threats and opportunities for economic sectors and systems. By unifying the scholarly efforts of academics from adjacent spheres of socio-humanitarian sciences (management, economics, and law), the series will allow for coverage of a plethora of organizational and managerial, financial and economic, and normative and legal issues and present multi-disciplinary approaches and original solutions to the pressing problems of modern economic theory and practice. Series editors Elena G. Popkova is a Professor at the Institute of Scientific Communications, Volgograd, Russia where she teaches courses in economic development, world economy and international economic relationships. She is a very active researcher with 93 publications listed in Scopus and is a member of the editorial boards of 3 different journals and has been guest editor of 4 journal publications. She is an active participant in leading international forums and conferences. Artem Krivtsov is a Professor at Samara State University of Economics, Samara, Russia. He is the author of more than 80 important scientific works and is indexed in the systems of scientific citation and published in high-ranking scientific journals. Research topics being developed are investment analysis and enterprise management. Through his work, Artem popularises and promotes science as well as scientific knowledge and achievements. He also increases the degree of integration of science and education and effectively realizes the innovative potential of basic science.

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