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Ponticelli / Minetti / D'Amico

Antiglobulins, cryoglobulins and glomerulonephritis

Second International Milano Meeting of Nephrology 30 September – 1 October 1985

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Developments in Nephrology; 16


RICHARD J. GLASSOCK Introducing a scientific symposium is an uncertain and difficult task. The remarks must not be too specific lest the participant's later contributions be intruded upon, yet an overview of the goals and objectives of the conference should be presented in an inquisitive and stimulating fashion. Perhaps a compromise position would be to make a few general statements and pose a limited number of questions which hopefully would then be addressed dur­ ing the formal or informal portions of the meeting. A conclusion incorpo­ of the relevance of the specific topic to the more rating some perspectives global issues of disease and its consequences might be appropriate. The goals and objectives of this conference, as set forth by its organizers, Professors Ponti celli, D'Amico and Minetti, are rather simple and straight­ forward; namely, to review and elucidate the immunopathophysiology of cryoimmunoglobulins and auto-antibodies to immunoglobulins (lg) and, secondarily, to explore the possible participation of these disordered states in glomerular injury. As such, this conference is principally devoted to an analysis of two properties of certain species of the globulin fraction of serum proteins, specifically the ability to self associate on the basis of immune interactions and to form insoluble aggregates when exposed to reduced ambient temperature. As we shall see, these two properties are often dis­ tinctly related.


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