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Spielfilm-Interpretation und 'spielerische' Film-Gestaltung mit Musik

Filmpädagogik aus hermeneutisch-phänomenologischer Perspektive

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2006. Buch. XII, 764 S. Softcover

Olms. ISBN 978-3-487-13181-8

Format (B x L): 14,8 x 21 cm


Spielfilm-Interpretation und spielerische Film-Gestaltung mit Musik is a fundamental work for the teaching of film: a book of pedagogical approaches to film as the most important key medium of the audio-visual age which has yet to find its fixed place among traditional school subjects.
This volume develops criteria for the interpretation of aesthetically demanding feature films (art films) and a ‘learning and creative programme’ with film and musical material for pupils of all kinds of schools. The work is divided into five sections:
- Part I: Aesthetic education with art films sets out theoretical foundations for an appropri-ate interpretation of films.
- Part II: Synopsis of 500 art or feature films contains a commentary on the aesthetic evaluation of films.
- Part III: Symbol-oriented creation of art-films by students of education presents four ex-amples of films created by non-specialist students.
- Part IV: Analysis of art film with particular reference to film music offers a reflection on film music and sample interpretations from nine well-known feature films.
- Part V: Aesthetic education with film for all - didactic film workshop as educational DVD describes a way of transforming a didactic-methodological aesthetic analysis of film into an educational DVD for all kinds of schools.


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