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Peters / Dubois / Grzymala-Busse / Inuiguchi / Polkowski

Transactions on Rough Sets II

Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets

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2004. Buch. X, 363 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-23990-1

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This collection of articles is devoted to fuzzy as well as rough set theories. Both theoriesarebasedonrigorousideas,methodsandtechniquesinlogic,mathem- ics, and computer science for treating problems for which approximate solutions are possible only, due to their inherent ambiguity, vagueness, incompleteness, etc. Vast areas of decision making, data mining, knowledge discovery in data, approximatereasoning,etc., aresuccessfully exploredusing methods workedout within fuzzy and rough paradigms. By the very nature of fuzzy and rough paradigms, outlined above, they are related to distinct logical schemes: it is well-known that rough sets are related to modal logicsS5andS4(Orl owska, E., Modal logics in the theory of infor- tion systems, Z. Math. Logik Grund. Math. 30, 1984, pp. 213 ?.; Vakarelov, D., Modal logics for knowledgerepresentationsystems,LNCS 363,1989,pp. 257?.) and to ?nitely-valued logics (Pagliani, P., Rough set theory and logic-algebraic structures. In Incomplete Information: Rough Set Analysis,Orlo wska, E., ed., Physica/Springer, 1998, pp. 109 ?.; Polkowski, L. A note on 3-valued rough logic accepting decision rules, Fundamenta Informaticae 61, to appear). Fuzzy sets are related to in?nitely-valued logics (fuzzy membership to degree r? [0,1]expressingtruthdegreer)(Goguen,J.A.,Thelogicofinexactconcepts, Synthese18/19,1968–9,pp.325?.;Pavelka,J.,OnfuzzylogicI,II,III,Z. Math. Logik Grund. Math. 25, 1979, pp. 45 ?., pp. 119 ?., pp. 454 ?.; Dubois, D., Prade, H., Possibility Theory, Plenum Press, 1988; Haj ´ ek, P., Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic, Kluwer, 1998).


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