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Physiology of Speech Production

Results and Implications of a Quantitative Cineradiographic Study

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2003. Buch. 104 S. Softcover

MIT PRESS. ISBN 978-0-262-66170-6

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The physiology of speech production in terms of articulatory dynamics is the subject of this monograph.An extensive study of articulatory motions is clearly presented with carefully organized and detailed quantitative data derived from tracings of a lateral cineradiography. The data, in graph form, are interpreted in relation to known physical attributes and physiology and relevant linguistic features. Findings from the data are incorporated into a model which presents an approach toward understanding the organization and control of the speech-producing mechanism. The model is constructed to be compatible with linguistic feature systems and methods of computer simulation.Extensive data of this type have not been previously available, and the techniques and results will provide a valuable source of interest and information to phoneticians, speech scientists, and clinicians in the fields of speech pathology, audiology, and radiology. The data would also interest engineers concerned with speech simulation by computer.The monograph also gives some analysis and interpretation of the data in terms of underlying linguistic categories. This work, therefore, represents an important step forward in the continuing search for a deeper and better understanding of the nature of human speech.Contents
Methods • The cineradiographic and recording procedures • The speech material • Tracing and measuring techniques • Description of measurements • Data and Discussion • Forms of the data • Discussions of graphical comparisons (among various phonetic segments) of motions of the maxilla, mandible, tongue tip and body, larynx, hyoid bone, lips, pharynx, and velum • Observations from mid-vowel and mid-consonant tracings of certain utterances • Conclusions: Aspects of a Physiological Model of Speech Production


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