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The International Timber Trade

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2001. Buch. 344 S. Hardcover

Woodhead Publishing. ISBN 978-1-85573-190-5

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Wood and wood products are essential to large areas of the world economy and yet there has until now been no single definitive reference source to which those new to or requiring a strategic overview of the industry could turn for a comprehensive picture of the market chain from forest to consumer. The international timber trade provides a detailed overview of the entire timber and timber products business.

It is arranged in three sections: - Chapters 1 to 3 provide a background starting with an historical perspective, an overview of the worldwide forest resource and going to examine the properties of wood, types of products, trends in production and consumption and uses.
- Chapters 4,5 and 6 examine the role of wood industries and wood products in the global economy and provide an overview of world trade both by commodity groups and by country, as well as a detailed analysis of the main trading patterns and the trends, both at the inter-continental and inter-regional levels.
- The third section, chapters 7 to 10, looks at the structure of trade, market and market-related features, environmental factors such as forestry management, sustainability and certification, waste and recycling and energy and climate change, as well as offering an outlook for the industry in the 21st century.
Written by one of the leading international authorities on the timber trade, The international timber trade is essential reading for a wide range of interested groups including managers in the timber industry and trade, the financial community with interests in the sector, academics and students in forestry management and related studies, government agencies and their advisers in helping to develop policies for the sector and international trade, and finally those working in international development organisations and in national and international non-governmental bodies.


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