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Pandey / Majhi / Saikia

Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation and Its Applications

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Buch. Softcover


500 S.

In englischer Sprache

William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-821674-3

Format (B x L): 19,1 x 23,5 cm


Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation and Its Applications delivers a detailed overview of the various instruments used in the biomedical and healthcare domain, focusing on both their main features and their uses in the medical industry. Each chapter focuses on biomedical instrumentation in a different medical discipline, covering a range of different topics including radiological devices, instruments used for blood analysis, defribillators, ventilators, nerve stimulators, and baby incubators. This book seeks to provide the reader with an in-depth knowledge of biomedical devices and enable them to contribute to the future development of instruments in the healthcare domain.

Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation and Its Applications?is a concise handbook that will be useful to students, researchers and practitioners involved in biomedical engineering, as well as doctors and clinicians who specialize in areas such as cardiology, anesthesiology, and physiotherapy and use the medical devices covered.

- Provides detailed insight into a variety of biomedical instruments for use in different medical areas such as radiology, cardiology, and physiotherapy
- Considers the advantages, disadvantages, and future developments of various biomedical instruments
- Equips researchers with an understanding of the working principles of various instruments, preparing them for the future development and design of innovative devices in the health domain
- Contains various mathematical derivations and numerical data connecting theory with the practical environment
- Features a section on patient safety and infection control in relation to the use of biomedical instruments

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