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No-regret Potentials in Energy Conservation

An Analysis of Their Relevance, Size and Determinants

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(2) Do existing estimates of the no-regret potential stand up to are-evaluation within this framework? As a result of this analysis the size of previous estimates for no-regret potentials may be modified - in terms ofenergy savings or in financial terms. On the basis of these findings, we will approach the overriding third research question: (3) How large is the no-regret potential and what determines its size? The following chapter will provide a fuller account of the debate on no-regret potentials. This will be complemented by a detailed theory-based definition of no­ regret potentials in Chapter 2. The thesis will focus mostly on the micro-level of analysis. But we will also address the implications ofour findings for the analysis ofenergy saving measures and policies at more aggregate levels, notably within a feasibility study for adapting a model which represents the level of the national economy. The debate on no-regret potentials­ 1 origin, context, issues The term "no-regret potentials" was coined during the debate on climate change. It designates opportunities for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ". that are worth undertaking whether or not there are climate-related reasons for doing so. " (IPCC 1996, p. 271). In the IPCC's Third Assessment Report (TAR), no­ regret potentials are increasingly equated with GHG emission reduction potentials at negative (net) costs (lPCC 2001, p. 21).


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