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Developing Backbone.js Applications

Building Better JavaScript Applications

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O'Reilly Media. ISBN 978-1-4493-2855-9

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If you want to build your sites frontend with the single-page application (SPA) model, this hands-on book shows you how to get the job done with Backbone.js. Youll learn how to create structured JavaScript applications, using Backbones own flavor of model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.Start with the basics of MVC, SPA, and Backbone, then get your hands dirty building sample applicationsa simple Todo list app, a RESTful book library app, and a modular app with Backbone and RequireJS. Author Addy Osmani, an engineer for Googles Chrome team, also demonstrates advanced uses of the framework.Learn how Backbone.js brings MVC benefits to the client-sideWrite code that can be easily read, structured, and extendedWork with the Backbone.Marionette and Thorax extension frameworksSolve common problems youll encounter when using Backbone.jsOrganize your code into modules with AMD and RequireJSPaginate data for your Collections with the Backbone.Paginator pluginBootstrap a new Backbone.js application with boilerplate codeUse Backbone with jQuery Mobile and resolve routing problems between the twoUnit-test your Backbone apps with Jasmine, QUnit, and SinonJS


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