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Plant Pheno-morphological Studies in Mediterranean Type Ecosystems

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1988. Buch. vii, 405 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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Phenomorphology of flowering plants deals with starts growing, how long it grows and what happens the study of temporal changes in the morphology of to it when it stops growing. Is it being dispersed like plants and plant organs during their whole life diaspores, does it die eventually like leaves, or does span. It is in fact the study of the visible life history it remain alive as part of the plant body during the of each of the vegetative and generative organs of whole lifespan of the plant or during part of it, and the plant. Consequently it combines the use of finally what is its life duration. Generally only the phenology, which deals with the seasonality of phe­ life history of leaves, stems, flowers and fruits was nophases (Linnaeus 1751), and of morphology, followed. The following phenophases are de­ since the morphological changes of the plant as a scribed: vegetative growth, flower bud formation, whole and of its individual organs within and be­ fruiting, dispersal of diaspores, and leaf shedding. tween the phenophases are described. It is hoped that such a study of plant growth and Man's interest in plant life goes back to prehis­ development will lead to a better understanding of toric times.


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