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Lectures on the History of Technology and Engineering

Vol. 2.

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2004. 2004. Buch. 1194 S. Hardcover

Olms. ISBN 978-3-487-11745-4

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This two-volume work is a panoramic historical discourse on the scientific developments in technology and engineering from the time of the Sumerians to modern times. Each of the twenty-five Chapters was written with the intention that the reader may study its subject matter in relative independence from other Chapters. Particular attention is given to the indispensable fundamental contributions of the Ancient Greeks that laid the foundations for mathematical sciences, technology and engineering. There is a comprehensive overview of the significant advances made in theoretical and applied mechanics during the precocious Mediæval and Baroque times, and in engineering sciences in the era predominated by French professional engineers. The second volume includes technical topics from electrical technology and electronics; machine tool as well as iron, steel and light metal technology; canal and railroad engineering; power engineering comprising steam and internal-combustion engines, hydraulic and gas turbines, and jet and rocket reaction engines; lighting and transmission of electric power; and telecommunications and television.


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