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Retail Banking

Business Transformation and Competitive Strategies for the Future

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2015 2015. Buch. xxvi, 297 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-1-137-39254-1

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The world of retail banking is changing. While previously a purely money-making entity, the industry has brought social responsibility onto its agenda, and the ground rules for success have altered. Traditional convictions, rules and values that have influenced all banking business in the past are brought into question by this shift, and banks are adopting bold strategies in order to win out over competitors.

Taking both multidisciplinary and holistic approaches, Retail Banking is a comprehensive analysis of how traditional retail banks can meet the challenges of the emerging competitive landscape. It outlines the importance of considering the traditional fundamentals of banking and fitting them into the modern times, where technology is pervasive and developments in the macro and micro scenarios have changed the landscape of the industry. It highlights that modern retail banking is a conscious step away from the past, and suggests that for banks to succeed in this field, they must step away from ad-hoc initiatives and instead encourage loyalty and a life-long confidence in each of their customers.
This book will be of interest to those with in interest in retail banking, bank management, business models and strategies and financial services.


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