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The Legacy of Hegel

Proceedings of the Marquette Hegel Symposium 1970
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1973. Buch. viii, 308 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
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The present volume represents the proceedings of the Marquette Hegel Symposium, held at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on June 2-5, 1970. The Symposium, celebrating the two-hundredth annivers­ ary of Hegel's birth, was presented under the combined sponsorship of the Philosophy Department of Marquette University, the American Coun­ cil of Learned Societies, and the Johnson Foundation of Racine, Wiscon­ sin. Its general theme embraced not only specific topics of interest in con­ temporary Hegel studies, but also the wider aspects of the influences and impact of Hegel's thought upon contemporary philosophical, political, and social problems. Principal contributors and panelists were selected for their scholarly achievements in Hegel studies and also in keeping with the broad view of the Hegelian legacy in current thought. All sessions of the Symposium were plenary, and designed for maximum discussion and in­ terchange among participants. The Symposium Committee regrets that it has not been feasible to incorporate the transcript of the discussions (ex­ cept for the round-table discussion on editing and translating Hegel) into this volume. The papers presented in each day's sessions are published here with editorial changes and corrections made by their respective authors. The papers by Professors Otto Poggeler and Eric Weil were originally trans­ lated by members of our Committee: the present versions incorporate many changes and corrections made by their authors. The comments on each paper were brought into their present form only after the Symposium, and in the light of the discussions which took place during it.



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