O'Malley / Achatz / Münch / Knoepffler

Key Texts: Classical Anglophone Philosophy

2017. Buch. 410 S. Softcover
Utz Verlag GmbH ISBN 978-3-8316-4431-5
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Key Texts: Classical Anglophone Philosophy introduces a rich philosophical tradition in its original language. From Bacon to Dewey, the texts of this collection were all written in the English language over a 300-year span. Much more unites the authors, of course, but most importantly they all share that common language and the history associated with the island of Great Britain - whether subjects of its crown or not. That history is both distinctly European and distinct from the European continent even in the branches that developed apart from the British island, most notably in North America. The 16th-century English Reformation and World War 1 bracket the time frame adopted for the present collection. This was a period when British political power extended around the globe. The ideas developed by this collection's Anglophone philosophers had perhaps even wider reach and impact.

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