Oltramari / Vossen / Qin / Hovy

New Trends of Research in Ontologies and Lexical Resources

Ideas, Projects, Systems
2013. Buch. xv, 282 S.: 33 s/w-Abbildungen, 20 Farbabbildungen, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-31781-1
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In order to exchange knowledge, humans need to share a common lexicon of words as well as

to access the world models underlying that lexicon. What is a natural process for a human turns out to be an extremely hard task for a machine: computers can’t represent knowledge as effectively as humans do, which hampers, for example, meaning disambiguation and communication. Applied ontologies and NLP have been developed to face these challenges. Integrating ontologies with (possibly multilingual) lexical resources is an essential requirement to make human language understandable by machines, and also to enable interoperability and computability across information systems and, ultimately, in the Web.  

This book explores recent advances in the integration of ontologies and lexical resources, including questions such as building the required infrastructure (e.g., the Semantic Web) and different formalisms, methods and platforms for eliciting, analyzing and encoding knowledge contents (e.g., multimedia, emotions, events, etc.).  The contributors look towards next-generation technologies, shifting the focus from the state of the art to the future of Ontologies and Lexical Resources.  This work will be of interest to research scientists, graduate students, and professionals in the fields of knowledge engineering, computational linguistics, and semantic technologies.



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Focusing on new trends of research instead of state of the art Based on an original top event in the field (OntoLex 2010 workshop at COLING 2010) Explores sinergies with new application domains (Augmented Reality, Social Networking, "Internet of Things", etc.)