Olszewski / Wolenski / Janusz

Church's Thesis After 70 Years

2006. Buch. 551 S. Hardcover
De Gruyter ISBN 978-3-11-032494-5
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Church's Thesis (CT) was first published by Alonzo Church in 1935. CT is a proposition that identifies two notions: an intuitive notion of a effectively computable function defined in natural numbers with the notion of a recursive function. Despite of the many efforts of prominent scientists, Church's Thesis has never been falsified. There exists a vast literature concerning the thesis. The aim of the book is to provide one volume summary of the state of research on Church's Thesis. These include the following: different formulations of CT, CT and intuitionism, CT and intensional mathematics, CT and physics, the epistemic status of CT, CT and philosophy of mind, provability of CT and CT and functional programming.
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