Olson / Seaberg

FrC 3.6 Kratinos

Aufl. 2018. Buch. 402 S. Hardcover
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht ISBN 978-3-946317-27-2
Format (B x L): 14,5 x 22 cm
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This volume is devoted to the over 200 fragments of Cratinus for which have no play title. Much of the material has never been commented on previously. Douglas Olson and Ryan Seaberg offer a close literary, philological and historical study of the fragments, with particular attention to textual, poetic and linguistic issues of all sorts and to the lexicographic sources that preserve the material. Their general goal is to open up problems and perspectives rather than to shut them down. By teasing out some of their individual puzzles and peculiarities they want to render the fragments accessible to further scholarly work. The commentary of the Fragmenta Comica series illuminate not only the genre history of comedy, but also the Greek literary history of the Classical and Hellenistic period.
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