Olopade / Falkson

Breast Cancer in Women of African Descent

1st Edition. Softcover version of original hardcover edition 2006 2011. Buch. XXII, 383 S. Softcover
Springer Netherlands ISBN 9789048169290
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Although there are numerous technical-scientific books on breast cancer in the global bibliography, such books deal exclusively with the nature of the disease in majority populations of the Western societies, with little or no reference to the nature of the disease in the minority populations in such societies. Similarly, the nature of breast cancer in black women of the less privileged societies, and in women of ethnic groups living in countries of similar socio-economic status, is virtually unknown. For various epidemiological reasons, breast cancer incidence is rapidly increasing in these counties, more so than currently is the case in developed countries. Thus, the global burden of cancer is shifting gradually to these areas of the world, and may equal or even surpass the breast cancer burden in the Western societies within the foreseeable future. This book is unique because it bucks the trend of virtually all other breast cancer books by addressing specifically the breast cancer experience of women of African descent and their lifestyle counterparts in other societies of the world.
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Addresses the nature of breast cancer in women of African descent Emphasizes the breast cancer experience in "non-mainstream" women globally Reveals inadequacies of available information on breast cancer in minorities Indicates areas of research priorities for better treatment outcomes in minority women