Reconsidering Peace and Patriotism during the First World War

2017. Buch. Book. Hardcover
Springer-Verlag GmbH ISBN 978-3-319-51300-3
Format (B x L): 15.1 x 21.8 cm
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This volume provides a unique view of the movement for peace during the First World War, with authors from across Europe and the United States, each providing a distinctive cultural analysis of peace movements during the Great War. As Europe began its descent into the madness that became the First World War, people in every nation worked to maintain peace. Once the armies began to march across borders, activists and politicians alike worked to bring an end to the hostilities. This volume explores what peace meant to the different people, societies, nationalities, and governments involved in the First World War. It offers a wide variety of observations, including Italian socialists and their fight for peace, women in Britain pushing for peace, and French soldiers refusing to fight in an effort to bring about peace.
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