Olmo / Redi

Chromosomes Today

Volume 13
Springer Book Archives
2000. Buch. xxiv, 320 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Birkhäuser ISBN 978-3-7643-5799-3
Format (B x L): 17 x 24,4 cm
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Chromosomes Today, Volume 13 includes the plenary lectures presented at
the 13th International Chromosome Conference, covering the most recent
advances in the studies on chromosomes. The contributions in this volume
were presented by some of the world's leaders in cytogenetic and
molecular research and outline the present status of knowledge on the
composition, structure, function and evolution of chromosomes,
including, among others, the advancement of the human genome project.
The use of cytogenetic studies has greatly increased in the last few
years, resulting in a progressive improvement in the available methods
that has consequently allowed a more detailed analysis of the molecular
organization of eukaryotic chromosomes and a precise in situ
localisation of specific gene sequences. This volume of Chromosomes
Today provides up-to-date information regarding the topics at the
forefront of chromosome research: genetic regulation, imprinting, DNA
duplication, meiotic pairing, and the regulation of the.



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